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[sunshine] Save the cheerleader? Save me.

musical pirate - Johnny Roger
I love the new Tegomass DVD, in part because of this (right-click > 'show image' if you want it full size):

Not sure why this is so very, very hot, but it is. So much so that I just had to screencap every little moment, pretty much. XD

Just felt like sharing.


[school] researching dog

musical pirate - Johnny Roger
I'm doing research on successful school systems, in preparation for presenting a proposal (I alliterate, therefore I am) on Monday re: the future of the school where I work. I have not informed the headmistress that I intend to present anything, and certainly not something that is, in one way, in direct opposition to her/the board's proposal, so we'll just have to see how that goes. ;) Research is fun though. Tiring, but stimulating.

Currently, I'm reading a very recent (last week) report from Australia called Catching up: Learning from the best school systems in East Asia. It's all kinds of awesome, if you're into that sort of thing. :)

While I still don't want to be a headmaster - anywhere - I do want to move on to positions more focused on development and marketing.

Speaking of (not) being a headmaster, it surprises me that the suggestion has turned up so many times, especially since I also get mistaken for a student, still. Not to mention that some students clearly do not respect me at all:

FEMALE STUDENT: *to another student, nodding towards me, while I am standing right there* Look at him! He's so cute! *looks at me* *tilts head* Aww!
ME: Have you hit your head?
STUDENT: So adorable!
ME: *leaves*

She's actually one of our top students and otherwise perfectly charming, but also just weird. And it gets worse. Another female student recently compared me, quite excitedly, to a puppy.

No respect. None. Woof.

(At the same time, I'm apparently one of the strictest and 'scariest' teachers at the school too. So I guess it all balances out. Or something. *evil laugh*)


musical pirate - Johnny Roger

Going to London. To see SHINee. Next [eta: this] week. ..... O_O .... Yay!

I thought all was lost when the tickets sold out and I hadn't got one, despite having refreshed the relevant page(s) constantly since the announcement Wednesday morning. But then, for some reason, I tried hitting F5 again on the (malfunctioning) booking page. No tickets. All seats full. At this point, I was feeling very down. For no particular reason except possibly habit, I hit F5 again. No tickets. Time to get back to supper. But. Once again. F5. ....... Tickets! Whether because of a refund or some technical glitch, I could FINALLY book a ticket! (I don't think I've entered card details so quickly before in my life.)

The seat I'm in is near the back, but I still have a tickets - something many who desperately want to go never managed. Add to this the fact that I have next week off and I actually feel quite lucky. (And work is shite atm, so I really need something to go right.)

...... And I forgot to post the above when I first wrote it, and now I don't feel as lucky. Everything above is still true, but the fact that I'm near the back is really getting me down. This is all so expensive and SHINee will look like the little people from Gulliver's Travels from where I'm sitting. I had hoped to buy a better ticket off Ebay but they're going for ridiculous sums and are still not that great, seating-wise.


And I haven't even booked a hotel yet. Can't decide if I want to go for a more expensive one that's near the venue, or a cheap one in zone 3.

[rl] Japan

musical pirate - Johnny Roger

Once again, with feeling list:

  • Trip to Japan was stressful. Also very interesting and sometimes lots of fun, but... much stress.
  • Got tonsillitis the day before the trip. Going to the doctor in Japan was a new experience. 'Here, look inside your disgusting throat! And your equally disgusting nose! And give me plenty cash!' Still, Japanese medicine - awesome stuff!
  • The media followed us around a bit. We got a tour of NTV the very first day, then filmed when we visited a school, plus when we visited a kindergarten (by two other TV stations), and filmed when trying Japanese food - the very last night (bad idea). We were apparently on the show that replaced Zoom-in, a few weeks ago. I haven't seen it.
  • Going to the high school was a bit like trying out what it might feel like to be a celeb. We were pretty much mobbed by enthusiastic students who wanted to take pictures with us. Don't know how many shots I posed for. And of course they all thought I was one of the students until I pointed out their mistake (it is getting a bit old now, really, but never ceases to be flattering). A cute guy called me 'ikemen'. I suspect I blushed, slightly, unfortunately. *embarrassed* One of my students asked a bunch of girls what kind of guys they were into, and they turned and pointed at me. *laugh* It was a good day for my ego. ;D
  • Also met flaming gay guy who was the leader of the rugby team at the school. He was fabulously awesome! :D
  • Saw many hot guys. Did not see Tegoshi. Saw other apparently famous people at NTV. Did not care. ;)
  • Had close encounter with food-huntin' deer in in Hiroshima. Was fun.
  • Took many photos. Might upload some later.
  • Bought lots of fun stuff. Mainly kpop things and plastic figurines. *nerd* Was in a bit of a hurry though. Only had a few hours for shopping. ;)

more picsCollapse )

[random] sunshine and shiny things

musical pirate - Johnny Roger
Random things, in no order whatsoever. Well, except number one.

  • Tegoshi in drag! I've said it before, and I will say it again: So hot! Finally saw ep 6 of Deka Wanko and... WOW! *stares in awe* Honestly, he could dress like a girl even MORE, imo. So pretty! :D Plus, I really like goth-loli style, so... good episode. Yes. XD
  • Put together a new computer last week. Am now poor. Well, no, not really. Just a little. I try to eat cheap now. ;)
  • The new computer is super fast! Core i5 2500K + 8GB RAM + SSD + Radeon HD6850. Photoshop starts in a matter of seconds (five? haven't timed it), and that was the whole point. I bought a new PC in order to be able to focus more on digital art again.
  • Which is also why I bought a Wacom Intuos4 L. It's fantastic! Highly responsive + rotation and tilt sensitivity! Wheee! :D Also very expensive, but if you want quality... Now I have five tablet, but this one is SO much better than the other four.
  • Also bought a Wii, on sale. Tried it today. Is cool! I especially like the sword-fighting game. :)
  • So, yes, poor.
  • Because I also bought lots of clothes, of course. Like a leather jacket.
  • And awesome boots. And other shoes.
  • Not all at once though.
  • This is a really odd list.
  • Odd.
  • Going to Japan next Sunday. So much stress! Papers to grade and courses to finish. Plus I'm still crap at Japanese.
  • Which will be highly embarrassing on Japanese TV, if they try asking me question in Japanese. I shall insist on English. Hai.
  • Know what else would be awesome? If they recorded Itte Q when we tour the NTV studios. ;) As if.
  • Have been asked out to lunch by hot 23-year-old. I approve of this development. ;)
  • Speaking of hot, the weather has been reeeaaally nice lately. Summer! :D

  • Oh, almost forgot: UK comedy Campus is AWESOME! So sad that the first season is over, but it certainly went out with a gloriously Glee bang:

[lj] wtf?

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Whu? Where did my layout go? *glares at LJ* I do not approve of this! I do not!

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Mm. I am well and truly kpopped. Besides the fact that nothing is happening on the News front, except for those upcoming concerts, the production values of kpop are just SO much higher.

Just look at these two MVs.

This video made me buy a shirt. The sleeveless shirt Yesung is wearing, to be precise. Seriously, I watched the MV and then hit Gmarket pretty much straight away, searching for that shirt like a mad person. And I found it! One of my best buys ever! Even though it wasn't exactly cheap. :D

Plus, the video is just AWESOME! So cute and bubbly and happy and prettyful!

But it still pales in comparison with Shinee's latest! After the teaser they released, I've been refreshing my flist and SMENT on Youtube like.... way too often. And then I come back from a day in the sun and get to watch THIS:

Isn't it just AMAZING? I so need to use that in school. Just because. Everyone should watch it. ;D

[flock] it seemed only prudent...

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As some of my visitors may have noticed, I've locked this journal. I may still post entries that remain public for a while, but most things will be f-locked from now on. So, if for some reason you want to read my boring entries, 'friend' me and comment here - and then I'll 'friend' you back, unless I have reason to think you're one of my students, or a coworker. ;)

If you've friended me in the past without saying 'hello', please do so. I don't feel comfortable adding people who don't introduce themselves. :)

[imagine your favourite 'friends only' banner here]


musical pirate - Johnny Roger
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